Our Services


Pan-Afrique Maritime Limited is basically involved in, but not limited to the following:

  • Manning and crewing of vessels with qualified and competent hands to partake in sea trade within and outside Nigerian coastal waters.
  • Recruitment of the right caliber of Seafarers covering all departments of the vessel (Deck, Engine, Catering, Electrical etc) both at officers and ratings level
  • Port and shipping agency services
  • Maintain a pool of Seafarers of all categories, with various years of experience; registered with NIMASA and waiting to be employed. Therefore, you can count on us to provide qualified crew at short notice.
  • We can handle your Labour contract, pay and manage your workforce effectively
  • We are employment consultant with many years of experience and cater for both private and public organizations with very minimum and negotiable charges.


  • Efficient, Effective Crew / Seafarers.
  • Complete welfare package for the seafarer family, even while they are offshore.
  •  Specialized training of Seafarers to meet with our clients specific needs.
  •  Updated information on the current trend in the maritime industry as regarding Government legislations, NAMASA, Merchant Shipping Act, Cabotage guidelines, IMO, ITF and ILO conventions and the implications on their business.

Our single source capabilities offer a large number of advantages for our clientele:

  • Consistent quality services provision.
  • Lower costs.
  • Easier adjustment variation in demands.
  • Enhanced management of daily operations

Pan-Afrique’s priority consideration is to incorporate these out lined issues at every stage of our activities.
Pan-Afrique’s strategy is to commit our company, management and all personnel to further improve on our service delivery, client’s quality, safety and environmental standards and procedures.

Pan-Afrique is committed to a systematic growth. This we hope to achieve by effective development of our principal components through adequate provision of suitable human and material resources.
As our activities require operation in divers’ kinds of terrains, we are constantly within available means, expanding our equipment base and skills. Pan-Afrique is in collaboration with other bodies to tap the requisite skills for efficient performance of our work.


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