Our Policies


As a matter of policy, PAN AFRIQUE MARITIME LTD, will conduct all its activities in such a manner that, health, safety, environment and security will be guaranteed. All persons involved in our operations will be protected. In this regard, we will pay particular attention to production and conversion of the environment. In implementing this policy, we shall conform to the requirements of the relevant legislation, as well as promote appropriation for the protection of health and the environment.

We are convince that in other to achieve and maintain the highest possible safety standards, the same parameters as obtainable for achieving high quality performances should be applied.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all our employees understand the importance of basic and standard CASHES practices. Furthermore, the company expects her employees to exercise an acceptable level of self discipline at all times, so as to avoid injuries to themselves and other persons, lost to company and damage to environment as we hope to work with government, industries, academicians, professional bodies and other employees of other representatives.

Safety is not a project. It is a process. Accordingly, we undertake the responsibility to train categories of staff continuously to enhance their awareness and increase their effective participation and contribution to CASHES matters. We further undertake to ensure that our subcontractor will be appropriately informed on guidelines of CASHES practices.


PAN AFRIQUE MARITIME LTD operations shall be planned and executed in such a manner so as to minimize any adverse effect or impact on the environment in which we operate. The trust of the planning and execution of our work shall be environmental protection and preservation.

In the course of our operation, all wastes generated shall be collected, handled, treated and disposed in an environmentally friendly manner. The discharge into air or water bodies of any form of pollutants is forbidden. All regulations/registration on environmental issue by government agencies such as Federal Environment Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on us.


PAN AFRIQUE MARITIME LTD shall continue to identify with the needs and aspirations of her clients and the host community in the execution of its operation.
The company is in the view that it shall operate and therefore shall liaise with client’s host communities, relevant government departments and others in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere,
The company shall also ensure the building and sustenance of a solid harmonious relationship with clients and communities and shall exhaust every known peaceful strategy to resolve conflicts in case of any disagreement.